The GFY Platform

When choosing to work with the GFY Platform, you will have to follow very simple steps of access. Whether it is a Company or an Associate Consultant, the online process is extremely simple and effective, and you can join our international project listing in a very short time.


FOR YOU, Client

As a Company, why you should work with GLOBAL™

Clients only invest in the service provided, which will include GLOBAL™ Fee which is well known to the client.

Clients will have access to a pool of available consultants in most of the IT Skills:

  • Consultants who can work locally and remotely
  • If you can not find the consultant you need you just call and GLOBAL™ will find it


HIRE the best motivated consultants as they will be paid at the best rate

PLAY with the best and lighter structure. The Fee for providing services is the lowest possible

MEASURE GLOBAL™  clients will evaluate the consultants after each period worked (3 months basis).


Clients will receive the consultant timesheet on time as it is indexed to the consultant work and payment.

Clients will pay the service at the end of the period by splitting:

  • GLOBAL™ Fee
  • Consultant Rate

FOR YOU, Consultant

As a Consultant, why you should work with GLOBAL™

ACCESS to global opportunities in the top tier clients across countries

BE PAYed the best rate the client can invest

RECEIVES a Fee that will be known by the Associate consultant and the client

WORK with the top companies in each country

FIND the best opportunity for the consultant (local or remotely)


GLOBAL™ provides the GFY PROSELECT where the consultant will understand the benefits of being a service provider:





How It Works

If you are a Company you sign in the platform for free

  • Upload your credentials (Institutional and fiscal)
  • Upload website
  • Upload your opportunities:
    • Job description
    • Investment possible
    • Start & end date
  • Or after setup the credentials you the company can just search the opportunities

If you are a Consultant you sign in the platform for free

  • Upload your CV
  • Upload your credentials (fiscal and Personal)
  • Upload your photo
  • Set up cross references (who can certify your past work)
  • Set up your calendar availability
  • You will provide the potential value clients will need to invest to contract your services (GLOBAL™ Fee will be deducted the moment the invoice is paid)

GFY Partnerships

Through GLOBAL™ platform the consultant will have access the best partnerships available.

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Fiscal & Accounting Fiscal & Accounting
  • Why is better to be entrepreneur or freelance than employee
  • The correct accounting system solution to choose
  • How investments in insurance, trainnig and other will impact on your fiscal dues
  • The best invoice and accounting software to use


Consultants will directly acquire accounting and fiscal Services.

Insurance Insurance

Our worldwide partner advises GLOBAL™ Consultants at all insurance needs:

  • Health
  • Life
  • Savings / Pensions
  • Automobile


Consultants will directly acquire insurance Services.

Banking Banking

Our worldwide partner advises GLOBAL™ Consultants at all banking needs.

  • Account
  • Credit card
  • Other short & long term loans
  • Pensions plans


Consultants can directly acquire banking Services.

Training Training

GLOBAL™ negotiates with all vendors to provide the best training courses at the best available price to the consultants registered in our platform:

  • IT training
    • ERP, Programming languages, DB, System Adm
    • Security
    • System Administration (MS, Oracle…)
  • Project management (PMI, Prince II),
  • Agile
  • CMMI
  • CAP (for Portugal)


GLOBAL™ Training session can be held at the host company or online.

Payments & Receivables

GLOBAL™ worldwide partner will provide payment automatic transactions within the contract process.

The client payment will be automatically to:

  • for the Associate Consultant
  • GLOBAL™ Fee agreed

The payment will be at the end of each period:

  • The consultant provides time sheet 3 days before the end of the period
  • The client will be the last 3 days after the end f the period