Our "Book of Principles"

More than a Mission, GLOBAL™ stands to provide the most motivated consultants to service our clients with high quality and performance at the right price market.

There are 5 basic principles FOR YOU:

Investment is defined by the consultant, the client and advised by GLOBAL™
Consultants will provide services at the best price
Our Client will pay the right price with our adjusted Fee
All value information is available from the consultant to client
Ethics above and beyond

GFY Founders & Partners

Company founders & partners have more than 20 years experience in Internacional consulting for powerful brands such Accenture, Deloitte, Altran,  Reditus or SAP.

Pedro Lancastre
Pedro Lancastre
Target Evaluation & Profile
Rodrigo Duarte Silva
Rodrigo Duarte Silva
Powersourcing Strategy
Gonçalo Saldanha
Gonçalo Saldanha
Platform Chief